Elevating the Party Experience at CUÁ CUÁ Club by SAVG

A unique, revolutionary venue that has been setting the trends on the Portuguese nightlife scene, CUÁ CUÁ Club is known for its dynamic energy and relentless dedication to fun. Here, 'fine' effortlessly merges with 'fun,' and FMR Brands has decided to take its distinguished line of beverages to this summer’s hottest club.

Star-Studded MOGA Festival: where Music Meets the A-List

The festival saw guests reveling in the sandy landscapes of Praia do Irmão and Praia da Onda. Notable attendees included Joana Amaral Dias, Ângelo Rodrigues, Rúben Rua, and Márcia D’Orey, who immersed themselves in the festival’s exhilarating vibe. Find some photos of these public figures at the MOGA Festival in this article and on this article by Holofote.

Can Hard Kombucha be used in the kitchen?

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Hard Kombucha, as it’s been trending as a healthier alcoholic drink. But have you thought about using it as a surprise secret ingredient in your cooking?

3 common myths about energy drinks

On this article, we explore three common myths about energy drinks and debunk them in the process.

Is Hard Kombucha a healthier alternative to alcoholic drinks?

Have you heard that Hard Kombucha is a healthier alternative to alcoholic drinks but don't know exatcly why? You'll explain everything in this article.

SAVG Lyf featured in the Portuguese Media Press

What if a kombucha could have alcohol after all? Yes, paradise exists and it's called: SAVG Lyf, one of the first hard kombuchas to be launched in Portugal and Spain, an original recipe from FMR Brands that is available in mango/strawberry and lemon/ginger flavors.