“Win a 3-months supply of SAVG Energy”

SAVG Energy will carry out between April 10th, 2023 and May 27th, 2023 a contest on this website [https://savg-drinks.com/contest], to award a 3-month supply (90 units) of SAVG Energy. 

This contest will comply with the conditions described below: 


1.1. This contest is an action promoted by SAVG Energy and aims to reward the 3 most creative entries that meet the listed requirements with the prize described in point 3 of these regulation: 3-month supply of SAVG Energy to 3 winners. 

1.2. It is intended for all individuals over 18 years of age, registered on the Instagram social network. 

1.3. The contest will run from April 10th, 2023 from the launch of the contest, until May 27th, 2023 (Mainland Portugal time) on the website page, indicated above. 

1.4. Collaborators from SAVG Energy and/or agencies involved in the creation of the project, or their direct family members, will not be able to participate in the contest. 

1.5. This contest is accessed through the website  [https://savg-drinks.com/contest] and communicate through Instagram channel [https://www.instagram.com/savgenergy/


2.1. To participate in the contest, the user must enter the website  [https://savg-drinks.com/contest] and: 

2.1.1. Fill and submit the form with the following information: 

– Name

– Last Name

– Email

– Instagram Account

– Write a creative sentence, combining the words “SAVG Energy” and your favorite sport. Maximum of 450 characters including spaces. 

Every participant needs to follow our account @savgenergy to be eligible for the contest.

2.2. Each user will be able to participate as many times as they want, however they will not be able to win more than one prize. 

2.3. It will only be considered the participations made within the contest duration. 

  1. PRIZE

3.1. The prize to be awarded to each of the winners (3) will be:

– 3-month supply of SAVG Energy (90 units of bottles) 

3.2. The prize described cannot be exchanged for others of the same type or nominal value.


4.1. The 3 most creative entries that meet all the requirements in this regulation will be declared the winners.

4.2. Entries valid at the closing time of the contest will be evaluated by a jury composed of SAVG Energy and the agency involved in the management of social networks.


5.1. The contest winners will be contacted via e-mail until June 2nd, 2023.

5.2. Winners must reply to the e-mail sent via e-mail by June 10th, 2023 with all the information required. If this does not happen, the prize will be awarded to another winner.


6.1.The prizes will be sent according to the conditions indicated in the brand’s email.

SAVG Energy is not responsible for the non-collection of the 90 units, reserving the right to send it only once.


7.1.SAVG Energy will not consider any participants who commit illegal acts, namely: 

– Messages that appeal to racism, xenophobia, or any other type of discrimination or prejudice of any nature; 

– Messages of an offensive, violent or sexual nature; 

– Creation of routines or subroutines, by computer means, that may distort the real nature of the hobby; 

– Defamation, insults, threats and/or abuse of the name and/or image of the users of the page and/or the reputation and prestige of the brand and/or other industrial property rights; 

– Use of the page for political, religious or commercial purposes; – Publication of repeated and non-constructive messages;

– Disturbances of public order that include spamming, sending of unsolicited commercial letters or chain letters by private or public messages; presentation of illegal pages, etc. 


8.1. SAVG Energy reserves the right to end, change, shorten, delay or extend this contest at any time, in the event of any illegal or fraudulent activity, or any external fact, beyond the control of the organization, which affects the good functioning of the contest. In these circumstances, participants will not be entitled to any kind of compensation.

8.2 Participation in the contest implies acceptance by participants of the terms and conditions set out in this regulation.

8.4. SAVG Energy reserves the right to definitively and irrevocably eliminate any participant who is in any way violating this regulation.

8.5. The requested elements are mandatory for participation. Personal data will be inserted into a computer file under the responsibility of SAVG Energy and are intended for the processing of this contest. SAVG Energy does not transfer elements to third parties. The holder has the right of access, rectification and deletion of the data provided and can exercise it, personally or in writing by sending an email to contact@fmr-brands.com.

8.6. Cases not covered by this regulation will be resolved by SAVG Energy and their decisions cannot be appealed.

8.7. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook/Instagram. Facebook/Instagram is not responsible for any contest entries and/or entrants.

Lisbon, April 10th, 2023