Our Hard Kombucha
Savage Lyf is Hard Kombucha at its best.

The ultimate adult beverage amongst health-conscious and trendy drinkers. Every flavor uses real, organic, raw fruits that are fresh-pressed in-house and result from an 18-day long fermentation process.

Hard kombucha has become famous in the U.S., and Savage Lyf is pioneering the market in Europe. What makes our brand different is that our crafted kombucha uses the traditional and healthiest ‘jungle’ or ‘wild’ kombucha method, inspiring the brand name, SAVAGE LYF.

Savage Lyf’s unique taste and refreshing
flavors are sweet with a feisty alcoholic kick.

Take your pick between lemon & ginger or mango & strawberry. All at 4.5% alcohol and made with natural organic fruit, Savage Lyf is a premium drinking experience. SAVAGELY REAL, NO FAKE STUFF: We only use high-grade ORGANIC fruits and teas. NO added sugars, NO conservation agent, NO preservatives, NO artificial coloring and NO concentrates of any kind.

Savage Lyf is a gut-friendly alternative to mainstream alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and hard seltzer for savagely conscientious drinkers. Enjoy your Savage Lyf guilt-free from its stylish, fully recyclable, and eco-friendly can packaging.


INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, raw sugar (consumed during fermentation), Strawberry juice (2,5%), Mango juice (1,5%), fermented green tea leaves, carbon dioxide, acerola extract, natural aromas (strawberry, mango), steviol glycosides, kombucha cultures.


INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, raw sugar (consumed during fermentation), Lemon juice (2%), Ginger juice (1,5%), fermented green tea leaves, carbon dioxide, acerola extract, natural aromas (lemon, peppermint), steviol glycosides, kombucha cultures.

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