We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Hard Kombucha, as it’s been trending as a healthier alcoholic drink. But have you thought about using it as a surprise secret ingredient in your cooking?

That’s right, you can use Hard Kombucha in your cooking! Hard kombucha can be used as a flavorful and unique ingredient in a variety of dishes, including marinades, sauces, and dressings.

When cooking with hard kombucha, it’s important to consider the alcohol content. Depending on the recipe, you may want to reduce the kombucha to remove some of the alcohol before using it in your dish. This can be done by simmering the hard kombucha in a saucepan until it reduces by about half. If you’re used to cooking with beer and wine, it’s exactly the same procedure.

Here are a few recipe ideas where you can use Hard Kombucha:

Hard Kombucha BBQ Sauce:

Combine in a saucepan:

Simmer until the sauce thickens, about 20-30 minutes. Use as a glaze or dipping sauce for grilled meats.

Hard Kombucha Marinade:

Mix together:

Marinate chicken or tofu in the mixture for at least an hour before grilling or baking.

Hard Kombucha Salad Dressing

Whisk together:

Drizzle over a mixed green salad with sliced apples and walnuts.

Being a creative drink, Hard Kombucha is also a creative twist as an ingredient. Add it to your cooking and surprise your dinner guests with an unexpected hidden flavor in their favorite meals.
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SAVG LYF’s Hard Kombucha is free from artificial ingredients, so it’s a healthier alternative to other alcoholic drinks you may have been using before. Check out our Hard Kombuchas here.

Remember to experiment and have fun when using hard kombucha in your cooking!